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Administrative management

Simplify administrative management with ONPROAD

Discover the extensive administrative management functionalities of ONPROAD®. Our tool is designed to support your organization in managing various administrative tasks, including QHSE forms (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment), digital passports, app, teams and organization, role management, CRM and relationship management, and email integration. Continue reading to learn more about how these features can help your organization.

Administratief beheer - ONPROAD™

All functionalities related to administrative management

QHSE forms*
With ONPROAD®, you can easily streamline the process of all QHSE forms, allowing you to easily document, track, update, and retrieve all essential information (quality standards, working conditions, and environmental requirements) when needed.

Digital Passports*
With our digital passport module, you can store important information and documents in one central location. This makes it easy to access relevant data such as certificates, permits, and training. By using digital passports, you can enhance regulatory compliance and ensure organized administration.

With our app, you can access your administration anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on the go or working on-site, you have full control over your administration. The app allows you to input, edit, and view data, generate reports, and manage tasks. It provides you with the flexibility to work effectively, even when you’re not at a desk.

Teams and Organization
Our administrative management system supports the management of teams and organizational structures. You can create user profiles, set access rights, and facilitate communication between team members. By defining teams and organizations, you can assign responsibilities, promote collaboration, and ensure a streamlined workflow within your organization.

Role Management
With our tool, you can assign roles to various users within your organization. This means you can allocate specific rights and permissions based on each user’s responsibilities. This limits access to sensitive information and ensures the security of your administration.

CRM and Relationship Management
Our administrative management system also provides integrated CRM functionalities for effective relationship management. This allows you to access customer data, communication history, quotes, and contracts at any time.

Email Integration
Our tool recognizes topics in your email (such as Gmail or Outlook) that support you in communication and workflow. For example, if you promise to send a quote to a customer tomorrow, the tool prepares this quote in your mailbox based on the data from the email exchange. You review the quote, download the PDF, and of course, send the email yourself. This saves valuable time in the quotation process. Of course, there are many more possibilities.

Excited about the features of our administrative management? Try ONPROAD® for free and experience the ease. Or continue reading and explore the functionalities of operational management and financial management first.


* These features will be made available in the coming months.