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Operational management

Successfully streamline your operational management

Enhance your organizations efficiency with the help of ONPROAD®, which offers a range of tools, for managing tasks. These include tracking time handling project administration capturing project photos with coordination points managing your fleet and equipment and even utilizing AI technology to read tenders. Read on to discover more, about these features and how they can streamline your processes.

Functionaliteiten Operationeel Beheer - ONPROAD™

All functionalities related to operational management

Time tracking
With ONPROAD® you can effectively. Manage the time dedicated to projects. This enables you to keep a record of your team members’ working hours, delegate tasks, and track project advancements. It offers insights, into time allocation streamlines invoicing processes, and enhances productivity.

Project administration
Our tool offers a range of features to help with project management. You have the ability to create projects establish budgets assign resources and track progress. Furthermore, you can conveniently handle documents, communication, and planning in one location. By maintaining project administration you can easily oversee deadlines. Promote collaboration, among team members.

Project photos with coordination points*
Our system, for managing operations provides you with the ability to upload photos of your projects and include points of coordination. This feature allows you and your team to easily share information address any concerns and have an understanding of the project’s current status. By utilizing this functionality teams can enhance communication document the progress of construction activities and make decisions by leveraging data.

Fleet management
Efficiently managing your fleet is crucial, for management. By registering your vehicles and machinery keeping track of maintenance schedules monitoring fuel consumption and effectively managing costs you can boost productivity minimize downtime and improve the performance of your fleet.

Equipment management
Leverage the range of features, for managing your equipment. Our tool enables you to conveniently register your equipment establish maintenance schedules monitor inspections and efficiently handle availability. By utilizing an integrated equipment management system you can effectively cut down on expenses enhance productivity and attain an understanding of your equipments status and availability.

Importing tenders and bids*
ONPROAD®s innovative AI-powered solution allows you to effortlessly review tenders and bids. We take pride in being the provider of this feature, in Europe. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology you significantly increase your chances of winning tenders. Moreover, you can create customized proposals based on your company profile and availability. This guarantees that you receive the pertinent opportunities saving precious time during your search, for suitable projects.

With the help of ONPROAD®s AI capabilities, you can effortlessly extract information from tenders (Tenderned). Seamlessly incorporate it into your day-to-day operations. This enables you to be fully prepared for project bids generate quotes and significantly enhance your chances of winning tenders – all in a matter of minutes. Tasks that require hours or even days of effort can now be smoothly managed.

Reading a specification can be quite time-consuming. It can also be challenging to interpret it accurately. However, ONPROAD® has recognized this issue. Come up with a solution called Roady. Roady is an assistant that allows you to ask questions, about specific tenders. All you need to do is upload the PDF files and pose your question. Roady will provide you with answers ensuring that you never miss out on any opportunities and remain alert at all times.

Reading through a specification can be quite time-consuming. Requires skill to interpret accurately. ONPROAD® acknowledges this challenge. Introduces Roady, an assistant designed to assist you in asking direct questions, about specific tenders. Just upload the PDF files. Pose your query. Roady will promptly provide you with real time answers ensuring that you never miss any opportunities and remain alert at all times.

Are you enthusiastic, about the operational management features we offer? Give ONPROAD® a try, for free. See how convenient it is. Alternatively, keep reading to explore the advantages of our management and financial management capabilities.

* These features will be available later this year.