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Financial management

Simple administrative management with ONPROAD" in English

Discover the potential of our financial management tool. Our tool is specifically developed to help your organization efficiently handle areas of operations such, as procurement management, sales management, calculation modules, integrations with accounting software and upcoming advertising options. Read on to learn more, about these functionalities. How they can simplify your workflows.

All functionalities related to financial management

Purchasing management

Our financial management system provides a range of features to effectively handle procurement processes. It allows you to effortlessly generate purchase orders maintain supplier details and handle purchase invoices. Moreover, you can conveniently monitor the progress of purchase orders manage inventory, and generate procurement analyses. By utilizing these capabilities you can boost productivity streamline expenses and gain an understanding of your procurement operations.

Sales management 

ONPROAD® provides solutions, for managing the sales process. You can effortlessly generate sales orders handle customer data and produce sales invoices. Moreover, you can keep track of the progress of sales orders monitor inventory levels, and generate sales reports. By utilizing these features you can streamline your sales procedures guarantee customer contentment and acquire insights, into your sales performance.

Calculation module 

Our financial management system comes with a calculation module that allows you to generate cost estimates, for your projects or products. You have the flexibility, to input cost information, calculate material and labor expenses, and allocate costs. By using this module you can establish competitive prices analyze profitability and make decisions based on dependable calculations.

Integration with accounting software

Our financial management system can smoothly integrate with a range of accounting software packages. This allows for the synchronization of data, including purchase and sales invoices, between the systems. By establishing this connection you can save time prevent errors and ensure a dependable overview of your finances.

Advertising possibilities*

In the future, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your services and/or products to fellow ONPROAD® users, through targeted advertisements. This way you can connect with customers, within the ONPROAD® community. Explore new business prospects.

Are you enthusiastic, about the financial management capabilities of ONPROAD®? Give it a try, for free. Discover the convenience firsthand. Alternatively, keep reading to delve into the management en administrative management features.


* These features will be made available in the coming months.