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Main contractors

Why is ONPROAD so suitable for main contractors?

As a contractor, in the construction industry you encounter the task of overseeing projects concurrently working together with subcontractors and guaranteeing seamless operations. ONPROAD®, our solution is crafted to provide assistance for managing these intricate responsibilities. Explore the reasons why our tool proves compatible for contractors, in the construction field.

Hoofdaannemers - ONPROAD™

Efficient project management
With ONROAD® you get a hub where all your projects come together. You can assign tasks to subcontractors establish deadlines and keep track of the progress of each project in time. This grants you control. Overview to effectively manage your projects.

Effective communication
Having communication is extremely important. With ONPROAD® you have the convenience of sharing documents seeking clarification through inquiries and receiving prompt responses. This fosters. Facilitates the execution of projects avoiding any unnecessary delays.

Streamlined document management
Managing project documentation can pose difficulties, especially when multiple parties are engaged. By utilizing ONPROAD® you can effortlessly upload, arrange, and collaborate on files, with your subcontractors. This promotes a document management system. Mitigates the risk of miscommunication.

Timely task management
Meeting deadlines is of importance, in the construction industry. Utilizing ONPROAD® you can allocate tasks to subcontractors, subcontractors establish priorities, and receive notifications when deadlines are nearing or have been surpassed. This ensures that your projects stay on track and provides you with the opportunity to make adjustments promptly if needed.

Flexibility and mobility
As the contractor, you are frequently, on the move. In the future, you will be able to access your projects from anywhere and effortlessly communicate with your subcontractors using our user-friendly application. This offers flexibility and assists in maintaining productivity levels.

ONPROAD® is a tool designed to assist you in managing your projects. It offers communication organized document management, timely task tracking, and the convenience of flexibility wherever you are. ONPROAD® provides all the resources for your success.

Give ONPROAD® a try today. See firsthand how it can enhance your project management making it more efficient and effective. Test out our tool free of charge. Get started on your project.