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Who is it for? It’s for you!

ONPROAD® is there for you!

Hüseyin Yıldız, the founder, has worked for many years in the construction sector and knew exactly what was missing in his projects. That’s why he started ONPROAD®, an online project management tool where all the details of your projects are visible in one overview. By engaging in conversations with people in the construction, infrastructure, and construction industry, this tool is exceptionally suitable for any entrepreneur working on projects. Whether you’re a subcontractor, main contractor, project manager, or project organization, ONPROAD® is here for you!

Hüseyin Yildiz - CEO ONPROAD™

Get things done

Make the most of your day!

Whether you are a plumber working as a sole trader, a medium-sized company in fiber optics, or a large company installing solar panels on government buildings. Every entrepreneur and/or manager wants a clear overview of their milestones, cost calculations, and time registration to not miss a billable minute. We provide you with the tools and reports you need for this. ONPROAD® is here for you!

Save valuable time and increase your productivity, so you can focus on the work you enjoy – working with your hands. Our tool allows you to streamline your tasks while maintaining a clear overview. With our advanced tools and reports, you can precisely see where your time and resources are going, enabling you to make smart decisions and grow your business. ONPROAD® helps you complete tasks efficiently, so you can get more done in a day.

Whether you’re a sole trader or a small to medium-sized business, discover the power of efficiency and maximize your potential with ONPROAD®, your ultimate partner for success!